Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase Art,Patterns and Prints directly from Simply?

Simply as a Freelance artist creates all patterns, surface pattern designs and digital artworks easily available through the third parties listed below. The following Websites are solely responsible for re-producing Simply designs on their goods.

If I have a issue with a product,Can you help me?

No,if it is a Print on Demand product. Simply is only the designer of designs particularly in the Simply Shops, but does not directly sell. The third parties involved are responsible for handling sales, delivery and customer service. Please refer to the companies you purchased the product from, respectively. Yes, If the product is a digital product,ex Logo. Personally created and provided directly through Simply's freelancing design services. Please message Simply directly to address issue.

I see most of your designs are used in more than one Print on Demand can you do this?

Simply reserves the rights to the actual designs uploaded to their platforms. The type of licensing with the websites allows Simply as the artist/designer to publish on various sites with similar permissions.

How are you paid?

This question is a bit tricky. If your addressing what is l via the POD platforms. Although ,Simply reserves the rights to the actual designs uploaded to the POD platforms. Simply actually only receives a small percentage of the sales. Artist and designers have a agreement between themselves and the POD site. Payment times and periods may vary but more than likely never immediately or steady. If you are refering to Graphic Design services provided by Simply,Clients pay via the chosen method of Paypal.

Are you open to selling design rights for commercial use?

In short,Simply is open to the possibility with proper terms and conditions. Contact Simply to discuss. Design Service clients will refer to the Client Agreement.

Why don't I see any prices for Simply Design Services?

You don't see prices because it is difficult to determine how much your service will total to. Each client is different,in needs,the scope of the project and budget. Most designers offer quotes after they have determined how much it will cost to achieve the work. Simply does offer an guidance with base prices please feel free to message Simply.

How do I pay Simply for Design services?

Payment is usually paid through Paypal. The first Payment would be the Down Payment which guarantees the start of work. After it is determined what the total estimate of the work would be. Simply will send an invoice.