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Custom Brand Identity 1A

Custom Brand Identity 1A

This package is perfect for brand identity. You get three logos for your company.

  • One Primary (main logo)

  • One Alternative logo

  • One Submark/Wordmark Logo

  • 3-5 Logo concepts

  • Up to two free revisions  (additional will be charged $15)

  • Design files in package will be approximately sized and optimized for web and print. You will receive the following files:

  •  PNG and PDF versions

  • Logos are high-resolution vector logos

  • Transparency

  • Mockups


  • Instructions

    You are investing in your future!

    This is a custom graphic design service provided. To start project you will need to go through an intake/onboarding process.  Refer to the Graphic Design services page. For creative process. 

    •  Important: Provide the email address you will use to commnicate with me. I will provide an questionnare link or you can go here. Please be sure to fill the questionnare. This will help me us to move forward.  It also serves to provide some background about your company and relevant info to the services you are requesting.  Also this is where I can process your wants, needs and expectations. After recieving your questionnare, this is the point we can continue communication and see if we are a good fit.  Remember consultation is FREE. 

    The next step is very important, we will establish our relationship. 

    • To start the project,work can only begin with a Client/Designer agreement which esablishes our relationship. This means I am hired to be your designer for this project.
    • An down payment of 50%(Non-refundable) of the total cost is required. Invoice is usually sent with or preceding the signed agreement. See terms in our custom agreement.  

    I am ready to create!  We work together!

    • During the creative process. I am brainstorming ideas, doing some research and/or gathering ideas from what you provide. I will create design concepts and then present them to you via presentation.
    • After you approve of the design of your choice. I do what is necessary to finalize the design and prepare the appropiate files. 

     Preparation and Delivery fee of $15 added to total cost. This is in your agreement.

    • Once they are all ready and packaged . I will send invoice reminder for balance to be paid.
    • After the payment is recieved your files are sent either to your email or preferrably Dropbox. No worries, I will send instructions if you need assistance.

    I provide support after you receive your files to help you transist or help with any issues that may come up.